A 24/7 Distribution Centre is coming to our area and will be emptying huge amounts of additional traffic onto Chain Bar and onto Whitechapel Road throughout the day and night.

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Is This the Future for Scholes, Cleckheaton, Wyke and Oakenshaw? 

Tiny village of Hoo St Werburgh used as lorry park and lavatory by Amazon drivers


If these plans are passed it will change Scholes Village and Cleckheaton forever.

It will be the largest building in the whole of Kirklees

This building is so BIG, Whitcliffe Mount School will fit inside it 27 times!!!

5-9 HGVs will enter or exit the site every 10 minutes, every day, 24hrs a day.

You think this WON'T affect you?

 Where will the TRAFFIC go when the Chain Bar and M62 grind to a halt, as happens week in and week out in our area?

It will go through our villages and towns!


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